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What makes Zen by Sen sustainable?

A lot!

Leggings made from recycled fishing nets

First of all, our leggings are made of recycled fishing net, which are left behind by fishermen in the ocean. Many animals living in the ocean get stuck unnecessary and that’s something we don’t like! Through buying a Zen by Sen legging, you will help to keep the oceans cleaner.

Production within the EU

Second, all leggings and fabrics are made close to us: Italy, Germany and Poland. This saves a lot of transportation and all people involved work under EU working conditions.

Digital printing 

Third, we print the fabric digitally. This process saves tons of water compared to traditional dyeing, and uses less chemicals. And we go on and on.

Organic cotton

Fourth, the fabrics of our shirts and bags are made of organic cotton, which means no unnecessary pesticides, fair prices and crop rotation. Last mentioned means not only the cultivation of cotton the whole year, but different products, so the land won’t dry out and stays healthy.

Conscious packaging

Finally, our packaging materials and labels are also made from sustainable, recycled materials. When we send you your leggings, you will not find unneccesary plastic wrapping in your package. The cleaner, the better. 

Zen by Sen production process

In the graphic you can see our production process from A to Z. 
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