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Zen by Sen Yoga videos

10 Minute Strong Flow

In this 10 minute class you work on strength and endurance. Your legs, core and arms will work hard while at the same time you will create space and length in your hips.
A total body flow you can benefit from long after you step off the mat. 

4 Minute Short Stretch

Not having much time but in need of some movement and flexibility? Are you living from your head instead of your heart? With this short flow you can regain your day with more flexibility, stability and clarity.

7 Minute Strong Core and twist class

With a strong core, you can protect your lower back and thus prevent back problems. In this class you will work on abdominal strength and you will keep your back flexible with some deep twists. Afterwards you will feel strong and your back will thank you for that. 

13 Minute Morning Sequence

In this sun salutation based class, we will build up from less intense to a little more intense. The flow will bring you in a state of concentration, while each round your body will feel stronger. 

7 Minute Relaxing Morning Stretch

In this slow stretch yoga flow you will work on flexibility and power. When working with awareness you will bring yourself in a state of focus and relaxation. The twists give your organs a detoxifying massage. An ideal video to start your day with.
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