Zen & Me


Zen & ME

Miia Hämäläinen, 33, Finland 

The whole package

I have worked several years with different sports labels as a fabric coach, so I´m familiar with the materials that the brands are using in their sports clothing lines.
I love Zen by Sen leggings, because they are really high quality, have bright colors and everytime when I´m wearing them, it makes me happy! 
The materials are made for actually using the leggings in action, so you can wash them, wear them, wash again and then wear again. The colors aren´t fading, so the leggings aren´t disposable, which I highly appreciate. 
I love the whole package and the fact that someone´s waste is someone else's treasure.

Island love

I have seen lot of beautiful places, but at the moment the most beautiful place for me is Koh Phangan, Thailand. The nature is unbelievable. It´s nice to swim in the warm water, ride with a scooter and enjoy the laid back life. Another place which I really love Gozo island, a part of Malta. 

Yoga teacher

I teach multiple styles and I like all of them. Depending on my mood, I would choose Flowing Vinyasa, or if I need some time to relax and just "do nothing" I would choose Yin yoga. I really like the combination of these two styles. Vinyasa brings the energy up, gives strength and power, whereas Yin calms everything down, helps to ground and release tensions. 

Enjoy the small things

Lot´s of things makes me happy. I try to enjoy the small things, like a good cup of coffee, good food or just laughing :) 
My customers make me happy, when I see someone returning to my classes, my retreats or my Yoga holidays. It makes me happy to see small changes in them and how Yoga comes and stays in their lives. I´m happy when I share my passion about yoga and maybe help someone. It makes me happy to co-operate with awesome people to think out of the box and try some totally new things. 

Motion is the lotion

I think that we need movement, our mind needs movement, our spine needs movement. Movement keeps us going. My anatomy teacher once said that " Motion is the lotion". I don´t know a better way to say it. I remember this every day. Whenever I feel stuck I remember this, "motion is lotion", it´s the way, every way and the only way. 

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